What's holding you back? Be courgeous

COURAGE.  When you hear that word, what do you think? For me, it conjures up the idea of exquisite and extreme bravery.  Bravery in which you are able to achieve impossible feats and push through the limits.  If I had to think of an image, what comes to mind is a soldier, officer, or fire fighter…someone who puts themselves in the direct path of danger and prevails.  Truth is, this is courage, without a doubt.  But there is also a quieter, everyday courage which I think we sometimes discount.  Courage is defined in its purest form as “the ability to do something that frightens one.”  At closer view, we do this all the time.  For instance, I do not like confrontation and I’ve always been a peacemaker.  However, as I’ve gotten older, although I realize its necessary, I would probably still avoid it. But guess what, God has placed me in a position where I have to confront things and people regularly to be productive, so I do it. That’s courage.  We can be afraid of the world climate, but we still get up everyday and leave the house. That’s courage.  I have a client who recently had to talk in front of her class and she has significant anxiety, she did it.  That’s courage.  So the point is, courage is in the everyday when we do things we fear.  The other important point I want to make is this: Courage is NOT the ABSENCE of FEAR it’s MOVING AHEAD ANYWAY!


In all our lives, there are many times where we need to get out of our comfort zones and be COURAGEOUS in practical ways.  What’s holding you back?  Well here are some questions to ask yourself?

1.     What is the courageous thing I need to do?

2.     Why am I so scared?

3.     What is the worst that can happen?

4.     If the worst thing happened, would I survive?

5.     What do I lose if I don’t do this thing?

6.     Are there steps I can take to move forward and eventually reach my goal?

7.     Who can help me in the areas I am stuck in?


The first few questions are about your IT, because if we don’t identify the culprit we can’t address it.  Next, is about identifying what you have to lose if you move forward. Often fear increases because we do not touch it.  However, when you can look at it and identify the worse thing, it can often diminish it because like everything else in your life, you have survived and you will continue to do so.  But, do you want to survive or live? There is a big difference!  Often the things that cause fear hold us back from a life well lived, and from what God intended for us. The last few questions are about the how. Please do not underestimate the people around you or resources at your disposal to help you with ideas or to encourage you to start.  So, take that chance on the job, on the conversation, the relationship, the business, the class or degree.  Because if you make a mistake, guess what? You have learned, and you have moved, and movement is how we grow.  So please grow and BE COURAGEOUS TODAY

Brianna Gaynor