Do you still care? 5 ways to show your partner how much you do

Our relationships need to be nurtured and tended to on a daily basis like a beautiful garden. Ever end up at your destination and realize you don’t remember the drive along the way? You had so much going on inside your head and your rote memory kicked in. Our relationships can only run like this for a little while before they begin to suffer.

Communication breakdowns can happen if we are not clear while communicating or ignore talking about deeper issues all together. Make sure you get your point across so the meaning behind your messages does not get misconstrued. Solely communicating via text messaging because you don’t wish to have a face to face conversation, or don’t feel comfortable doing so when things aren’t going so well, is a signal that something is wrong and shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you live together!

In loving relationships with a partner or spouse, consistently making the other person feel special and appreciated, will help to cement the bond between you.

Here are 5 ways to let your partner know how much you truly care:

1.     Make time for your partner. Spend quality time with them each week. Plan dates (even if you’re married), watch your favorite shows, cook together, or take a walk. Whatever it is you choose to do, be fully tuned in and enjoy one another.

2.     Be affectionate. Hold hands like when you first started dating, come up from behind them and put your arms around them, or softly kiss them on the forehead and tell them how much you appreciate everything they do.

3.     Shower them with surprises. Buy the chocolate covered pretzels they mentioned they enjoyed, start up their car ahead of time on a cold winter morning, buy tickets to the movie they wanted to see, or prepare a warm bath with a glass of wine at the end of a long day.

4.     Be intimate. Whether you are in your 20’s or 60’s age does not always define how much you enjoy the pleasure derived from sexual intercourse. If you do not enjoy sex and never have, there is probably a deeper reason that you probably want to figure out and may need a professional to help you do so. Broaden and expand your horizons by spicing things up a bit! Don’t be afraid to push your limits by trying something you both have never tried, sexual exploration is both healthy and fun! Your sexual relationship keeps you deeply connected.

5.     Compromise. It isn’t a competition. If you don’t agree on something screaming back and forth and wearing your partner down until you prove you’re right and you win is exhausting and does not show you respect their opinion. Come to a decision you can both agree on and at times you will not feel 100% in agreement with the decision but that’s okay. Life isn’t always going to go the you want but that’s what keeps it interesting.

If you make a consistent effort to fill up your love tanks, your relationship will become more meaningful, deep, and they won’t need to be “topped off” as often.

Camie Vincent