Five Thought Shifting Tips to Help You Live Your Dreams


Oftentimes we fail to recognize the power of our thoughts.  So many times our thoughts seem to come automatically that we do not even take the time to pay attention to the influence they have on our lives.  One of the first obstacles to our achievement, healing, peace, and or success is our thought process.  Take a moment to explore the five thought shifting tips to help you live your dreams.  Whether that dream is to experience peace of mind, debt freedom, healthy relationships, weight loss, or a new career, my hope is that use of the tips below will help get you one step closer to living your dreams. 

1. Think about what you are thinking about.  Have you ever taken the time to think about what you think about?  I mean really, when is the last time you took a moment to examine your thought processes?  I am of the belief that there is a strong connection between what we think and how we in turn feel and behave.  One way to help with this process is through counseling.  Professional counseling services allow us to examine our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and work towards identifying healthy and productive changes.  Have you ever heard the phrase, “If you think you can, you can, but if you think you can’t, you can’t?”  With all that being said, the very first step to begin living your dreams is to actually believe that you can.  Now take a moment and get that dream, goal, or vision in mind.  No matter how small the dream or how large the vision seems, think that you can do it.  The rest will begin to fall into place as you begin to implement the remainder of the steps. 

2. Count the small victories. No one said the process of achieving goals and dreams would be easy; therefore, counting the small victories is so important.  Little steps lead to the big steps.  We cannot be great without starting out small.  Every inch and ounce of progress counts. Rather than minimizing progress, celebrate success.  If you set a goal to become more social because you have found yourself feeling lonely and isolating more than usual, give yourself credit for picking up the phone to reach out to that friend you have not talked to in a long time.  While you might not have hosted a party at your house yet, that one phone call is a step in the direction toward that goal of becoming more social.  If your job was giving out sweet, soft, and warm chocolate chip cookies, and you decided not to eat one while your co-workers savored the delicious treats, give yourself credit for sticking to the plan of not eating that cookie for the day.  While you might not have lost your total goal of pounds, you are one step closer to shifting your eating habits which in turn helps with your weight loss dreams and goals. 

3. Develop an attitude of gratitude.  Rather than thinking about all the things that you do not have, think about the things you do have.  While you are at it, stop comparing yourself to others’ appearances of progress and success.  Look into your own mirror.  I do understand that there may be dreams, goals, and visions that you have yet to obtain or to see come to pass, it does not hurt to be thankful for all that you do have. Be thankful for your children, finances, health, home, job, sound mind, etc. Don’t get so caught up thinking about achievement of future goals that you miss the gifts the present has to offer.  You do this by developing an attitude of gratitude. This will help motivate you and make the process of achieving your dreams not be so daunting and unfulfilling.  Gratitude breeds hope.  Hope breeds action, and action breeds achievement of dreams.

4. View obstacles as opportunities. Perhaps your goal, vision, or dream is delayed in your eyes.  Perhaps you applied for that job, landed that callback, and felt as if you nailed the interview, but did not end up getting that dream job.  Maybe that man or woman walked out of your life who you just knew was your soul mate.  Maybe you have been trying to get out of debt, and somehow an unexpected expense came along to slow your process down.  Rather than moping and wallowing in the challenges, take time to view the obstacles as opportunities for greater blessings, financial gains, jobs, mates, etc. to come your way.  Don’t give up.  Let the challenges serve as stepping stones that lead you one step closer to your goals, visions and dreams. Defeat only comes if we fail to get back up from the hurdles that attempt to hold us down.  Keep following your dreams no matter what attempts to block your progress, and you will see the manifestation of your dreams.

5. Surround yourself with like-minded people, literature, media, etc. that support positive thinking and dream achievement.  Stop asking the aunt who has been divorced 5 times how to have a successful marriage.  Quit calling the 400 pound friend to convince you to stop eating so many sweets.  If you want to get out of debt, start finding out what people who have obtained wealth have done and start shifting some of your thoughts, behaviors and habits to what they do.  If you want to leave your dead end draining job to pursue your passion, start finding others who have done the same thing.  In this technology age, there are loads of internet resources, podcasts, videos, e-books, and other resources on pretty much any topic one could ever imagine.  Connect with those tools so that you can gain encouragement, insight, and motivation from like-minded people and be able to believe that you can achieve, excel in, and exceed all expectations you initially had for your dreams!

Overall, our thoughts have power.  What we believe and think is often who we become.  My hope is that with the application of the tips above, you can begin to not only dream, but also begin to make your dreams a reality.  Shift those thoughts, put those actions in motion, and live those dreams.  Think about your thoughts, count those small victories, develop an attitude of gratitude, view obstacles as opportunities, and surround yourself with like-minded people, resources, and tools.  Most importantly, believe that you can LIVE YOUR DREAMS. Take the limits off!!


Written By: Quinnise Pettway, LPC

Peace of Mind Psychological Services

Quinnise Pettway