4 ways to discover the silver lining behind every cloud!


Everyone experiences good and bad days, such is life. What is important to keep in mind, is to try to have a lot more days that are good instead of the opposite. People go through life and experience a myriad of events or incidents that help shape who we are. Two people could experience the same exact thing and have two completely different ways of looking at what they just went through. You could witness someone yelling in line at the store because they have been waiting too long or, on the other hand, hear about individuals from a small village in another country, who are ecstatic about finally having clean, running water. Situations like this make you see how trivial some of the things we get so upset about are, even though at the time, they may seem to be ruining our day. Have you ever had something happen to you and the only word you can utter after what occurred was- “WHY?” “Why did this have to happen?” “How did things end up like this?” Have you ever felt sorry for yourself (even if it may be once in a blue moon) and find yourself saying things like, “I can never catch a break!” You have your own pity party or invited friends to come along, telling them all about everything that is wrong in your life. What I am here to let you know is the common thread here is, you may have guessed it- you! Now, you may ask me, “Are you trying to say I wanted all those negative things to happen to me?” Well, my answer is, “yes” and “no.” What?? 

So much of what happens throughout our life has to do with our attitude and perception. Also, like the Law of Attraction says, “Like Attracts Like,” so if you constantly walk around with your head down, in a bad mood, angry at the world, and feel like horrible things always happen to you- more negativity is sure to come your way. Negative energy attracts more negative energy and positive energy definitely brings more positivity. People are programmed through repetitive thoughts and behavior patterns to react to different occurrences that happen in their life a certain way. Change can be challenging but is possible. You can start today to try to look on the brighter side and become much happier. I can’t make any promises, but, I’m pretty sure if you change the way you see things and start to focus more on all the good in your life, more is sure to come. You may have got fired from that job you didn’t like last year and were extremely upset only to finally land your dream position, just when you were about to run out of the last of your savings. Life is filled with lessons and we need to pay attention to what the lessons are. 

Here’s a few ways to start changing the way you look at the black clouds that may overshadow different areas of your life so you can discover the “silver lining” behind all of them: 

1. Next time you find yourself talking about your horrible day, try to think about something you truly enjoyed that day. Even if it is as simple as waking up healthy, in your warm, comfortable bed. 

2. Think about some of the most challenging experiences you have endured and how some of them became your greatest life lessons. What did you gain from those experiences? 

3. Start a gratitude journal and start writing what you are grateful for in your life, daily. 

4. When your mind starts to wander, dwelling on your latest problem (s) (especially at night when you should be sleeping!) think about something you adore; whether it’s a person, special time, or place and refocus your thoughts on that instead, again, trying to re-train your mind to focus on all life’s gifts, instead of worrying. 

One of my favorite quotes is: “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.” Cherish those moments, because in the end, those are the only ones that will have truly mattered. 

 By Camie Vincent, L.P.C., L.M.H.C

Camie Vincent